Doctor Strange
 Selling Price 2,349.99
 Point 23.50
 Manufacturer BORA
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  •  Benedict Cumberbatch's head with the face-up & beard work by artist Bora.

  •  1 pare of Eyes by artist Bora.

  •  Wig made by HiMO. Cutting&styling by artist Bora.

  •  Assembled Body.

  •  1 pare of joint Hands.

  •  The Cloak of Levitation.

  •  Multi-layered Tunic.

  •  Blue and navy colored Top

  •  1 pare of hand Oversleeves.

  •  Blue and navy colored Bottoms.

  •  Brown colored Cummerbund Set.

  •  The Eye of Agamotto.

  •  Two types of Sling ring.

  •  1 pair of multi-colored Boots.

  •  Certificate Card

  •  Extra tension

  •  Instruction Manual for BJD beginner

  •  Basic box for archiving

  •  Tension Puller


  •  You can place an order on the IOS Shopping mall.

  •  Payment available only by PAYPAL

  •  Max 12 months layaway possible. 

  •  Delivery in order of payment completed.

  •  Est. Arrival : Aug 1 2018 ~ Oct 31 2018

  •  We will mark the actual price as a merchandise on the box including invoice. It will help to prevent the opening of the box in customs. But you would pay the custom fee.(8~10%)


  •  Cancellation can not be accepted after reservation and payment. 

  • All making processes are extremely exquisite handmade one by one including sewing, face-up, resin castings. There are some differences for individuals.

  • If a doll is exposed to sunlight or strong lamp lighting for a long period of time, yellowing or greening may occur. Please avoid direct sunlight in particular. Keeping the doll in a dark place indoor would prevent discoloration. 


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