Grazia head only
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      WIG GIFT(Blue gray wig on the photo) is provided for the head+body or head only ordering within the event period.


      * Event period : 9.1.2017~9.30.2017

      * Shipping period : 10.15.2017~11.30.2017

      Face-up option price : $70



- Grazia head

- Three piece black piercing
- Original box
- Certificate Card

* The eyes, outfit, shoes in the photos are not included.



[Size Information]
- Wig size is 8 inch.


- Eyes size is 14 mm.



- It is not possible to cancel the order after payment has been confirmed.
- It takes about 60 days to ship the item out.
- The doll color of the photos is new normal.



- We do not offer the body blushing or painting service.
Three piece black piercing is included basically.
- If a doll is exposed to sunlight or indoor lighting for a long period of time, yellowing or greening may occur. Please avoid direct sunlight in particular. Keeping the doll in the original box would prevent discoloration. 

Any questions related to this product, we will try our best to provide a response.  
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